Vlog: Musical Directors

We caught up with Grace and Mat, two of our musical directors (Rachel being our third). We discussed their thoughts and insights into our rehearsal process. See Video below.


Cruel Electricity that Gives so Strong a Light

Act 1, Scene 4, is our ‘Ugly Light’ scene. In this scene, our dancers of the Savoy Theatre see their faces under the harsh electric light for the first time. Our set and lighting designer – a performance design student, Molly – has been experimenting with ways in which we could portray this song in an alternative way. Here are some words from Molly:

“It was just a thought based on an idea I used in another project, but I wanted to take it further and mix it with the narrative of the song. It was inspired by the mix of lights and mirrors. I had to play with it to see if it worked as I hadn’t used it with choreography before. I think it needs working on but there us potential there, especially when specifically highlighting the faces. I used haze to dramatise the rays of light, enabling it to be emphasised and seen clearer on the stage… the reflections look a lot stronger! It’s just a more theatrical and exciting way to depict the issues with the light than just having standard stage lights in the space… we shall see though!! It was difficult but there will be ways around it! As for the ballerina, it was inspired through how I saw this overall scene. I see the ballerinas discussing in a smaller space down stage whilst the ballerina is elegantly lit towards the back… like a fading memory. Along with the set I have designed I want this to be a beautiful moment. Using the torchlight and haze was an idea inspired by a dance I saw at Light Night. Beautiful thing to try out! Amy did a great job dancing!!! Again, needs more work choreographing the light and body together… the light becomes part of the dance!”

image                                 Photo 1: Experimenting with mirrors and Spotlights.


Photo 2: Amy under the reflection of light.


Photo 3: Katie startled by the cruel electric light.


Photo 4: Our Production Manager Sorcha at the tech desk.


Photo 5: Experimenting with silhouettes for the ballet.


Photo 6: Working progress.



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